Yes, I completed Camp Nanowrimo for the first time, and wow was it hard! After resetting my goal from 20,000 words to 15,000 I finally crossed the line at 15,810.

I hit over 50,000 words in November so you would imagine that the much smaller goal would be a walk in the park, but I really found it a struggle and here are my reasons why…

We are always busy in November as most of my family and friends seem to have birthdays, but that is nothing compared to 2 weeks with no school. I completely underestimated how much a 6-year-old would disrupt my normal week.

We had lot’s of fun and went out doing family activities, which I had planned for, but by the time she was in bed I was too knackered to concentrate. Each night I ended up with just a few hundred words even though I was stopping up past midnight.

I took a few days off to try and recharge my batteries, which did help, but then came my next issue… a strange yellow ball in the sky.

You guessed it, we actually had sun in the UK. It wasn’t just a little warm, it was no-coat’s-legs-out-sandals weather that was hotter than parts of the Med! Granted, that was probably our slice of summer and we will suffer with floods for the rest of the year, but who could resist spending time in the garden and making it look all pretty?

Now, not only was my body tired it was also aching from gardening. The final pull on the tail came from inflicting torture on my character.

Yep, I have been torturing a character for a few chapters. While there has been some strange enjoyment, I found it very hard going, draining probably being the better word. It’s not the kind of thing I normally write about but it’s something I am going to have to get used to.

I expected to end Camp Nano with a novel 3/4’s complete with the ending all nicely planned out. Unfortunately my characters, or rather a particularly stubborn hot-blooded Italian, was feeling left out and decided to hijack a scene.

Long story short, The Don of Avery is now going to be a duology!

It’s also the reason why instead of celebrating the end of Camp Nano and of writing ‘The End’, I looked like this.

I now need to go and rework what I have in order for the story to flow going forwards along with the usual edits, but first I need to take a step back.

The Don of Avery has consumed every bit of my time since I began writing it in November, you only need to take a look at my Instagram to see just how much of my life has been dedicated to it. Now, I’m going back to an old project and I’m super excited to talk more about it.

The Sorceress has been my baby for years and it has recently gone through a Manuscript Review with the very talented Avery McDougall (Check her out on Instagram and Wattpad). If all goes to plan, I shall be releasing it as my first full length novel later in the year!!!

Oops! Just realised I’ve been chatting forever.

I’ll be back with my May goals but I must say bye, for now.

Jodie xx

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